As a fine art photographer, I allow my intuitive sense of direction to unfold and for spontaneity and improvisation to dominate my choices. I often start with a raw concept and it’s the subject, my surroundings and state of mind that inspires my creative process. Photography allows me and makes me feel safe to let go of all constraints and just let things happen. I love to challenge the rules of photography, to break away from expectations and push assumed boundaries out of my way. Photography helps me to quieten my analytical, controlling side and nurture my intuitive free spirit.
I’m driven by the desire to mould colours, light and movement. Layering light with motion and transposing the imagery through a motion blur allows me to create an abstract reality. Playing with the blurred line between photography and painting, reality and the imaginary excites and inspires me. My photography creates compositions where the internal and external worlds collide and where reality meets the imaginary. When I photograph I feel like I am painting with the camera, using the camera as the brush and my surroundings as paint.
For me Photography is a meditative process, providing me with the opportunity to be fully mindful within the moment. It’s a playground where I explore life and come to a deeper understanding of myself. In this process I allow myself to see a new reality. Through my artwork I aim to evoke curiosity in others and allow them to look deeply into these images and find their own reality and emotions in my work.


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