Fine Art Prints

Size range  :
40 x 60 cm – 110 x 170 cm
Edition size : 3 – 9
Framed artwork starts from €1575

The edition count is ‘universal’ which means that regardless of various print sizes available the total edition count of the specific image is fixed and all print sizes are included in the edition count. There can be up to 2 artist proofs per image. For the pricing a tiered edition pricing system is used. The prices of the prints go up as the edition sells out.
Images are printed on archival fine art paper in a wide range of sizes. Usually the images will be face-mounted on Diasec (plexiglas) or framed behind museum glass or art glass.

Art lease

Instead of buying the artwork, it is possible to choose a rental agreement too. The monthly payment is 3% of the purchase price of the artwork. At the end of each rental term, you have the option to buy the work. A discount of 50% of the rental fees paid will be applied toward the purchase price.