November 4, 2020

Covid has radically transformed daily life for most of us. It has for me, at least. I notice a huge impact on my behaviour and experiences. I have a hard time making future plans, not knowing when we can travel the world again and meet friends and relatives freely. I find myself somehow stuck in the present, uncertain of what lies ahead. But this is not all negative. I see positive changes too. In our awareness. In our appreciation. We make new decisions we benefit from. And the earth benefits from as well. During this crisis, we have proven to be adaptable to change. This flexibility, our overwhelming resilience, is expressed in an abundance of creative ideas and innovation.

Corona has changed the way I perceive my direct environment. I value things I previously took for granted. Living with restrictions has offered me peace of mind at the same time. Discovering the nearby, I visited the most beautiful places in Holland which I didn’t know existed. During the summer break, we didn’t go abroad and managed to buy a SUP (Stand Up Paddle) board, before it was sold out everywhere. Ever since I have fallen in love with the Dutch waters. The SUP has become a standard item we bring along when we go out for a day trip. Holland is the perfect place for SUP since there is water practically everywhere. Floating these waters, being this close to nature and I see things from a new angle. The rippling sound is one of calming freedom. The serenity inspires. I embrace the nothingness. These days, the here and now have become more important to me than ever.

Dutch landscape