Trip to Hong Kong


April, 2016

I’ve just been to Hong Kong, I spent 2.5 weeks in the fast paced city, although I have visited Hong Kong many times before, this was the first time that I have visited the city with my main aim being to create some fine art work.

Hong Kong is all about the food and the shopping, heaven for people like me!, I usually gain weight in this city, but on this visit I managed to lose weight!, this was due to the overly optimistic schedule I had planned. I just didn’t want to miss any opportunity to work or play, so some days I was meeting people at 7.30am just to make it all work out, at the end of everyday I was exhausted but excited about what the next day held for me.

My timing was good, as it was the time of year that Hong Kong comes to life with Art fairs. Another pleasant surprise were the beautiful red flowers of blossoming cotton trees all over the city. Being in Hong Kong so many times. In my many trips to Hong Kong I had never seen this. Note to self: come back in spring.

I had also lined up many ‘Family photo shoots’ along with traveling all over the city to work on my personal projects. I traveled to the village where my parents grew up for one of the projects. The village is located just across the border from Hong kong in Mainland China, this was a train and taxi ride away. On arrival I felt like I had stepped back in time, part of the village where my parents used to live looked exactly the same as it did 60/70 years ago. I started talking to the locals (as best I could in my limited Mandarin) at first they were hesitant to talk, but after a while they were so welcoming and friendly that they invited me in for lunch. They let me photograph inside their homes, I captured some amazing photographs of their way of life and their most basic living conditions, I’m still overwhelmed by what I saw, this is one place I certainly need to go back to ….


Impressionistic photography of times square in hong kong